Only child – for the day

This weekend Ben was off with grandparents to see a play. Nora got to experience a solo weekend day with mon and dad. The highlight for me (and probably hers too) was breakfast. Nora and Josh went to a local bakery for pastries. They woke me up with breakfast in bed. Nora was thrilled and clearly felt the experience was special.

We even let nora take her first pictures with my little point and shoot camera. Though there were plenty of shots of the sheets, her feet and her fingers, She eventually got a few of us.

Later in the day we had lunch with friends at one of our favorite sushi restaurants – we have never been there with the kids because Ben is a picky eater these days. But Nora loves to eat. She had miso soup, edamame, shrimp tempura, and several kinds of rolls. It was so awesome and refreshing to watch her try things without her brother around to say no and influence her not to try new things. It was a beautiful day and I think Nora enjoyed her solo-time and we enjoyed our Nora-time too!