I have two main cameras. Jrh has dubbed them "Big Black and Lil' Silver". Lil' Silver sits with the TV remotes on top of the piano and is available to take pictures on the spur of the moment or to be thrown in the diaper bag when I don't feel like drawing attention to the fact that I am a photographer, but I feel like having something with me.

I don't download the pictures from Lil' Silver often. When I do it cracks me up because I get to see what life in my house is really like…

Jrh and Ben on a Sunday morning playing Mario kart.


Nora stuck in the drawer under the train table – she gets herself stuck many times a day.


Nora likes to get her arms out of her clothes. I often find her like this….


She also insists on pouring her milk into her bowl (the bowl doesn't have to contain cereal for this to occur) and then drinking it.


Lots of the cute Nora stuff happens when Ben is at school. So to be fair I thought i would include a few snapshots of Ben in his school environment,

Here he is with his teacher Anna.


And here are Ben and jrh at school during a recent go-to-school night.


Snapshots don't tell the whole story – then again nothing ever does.