Montessori Monday: Will Wright

I don’t know if I will ever be able to update my blog on an actual editorial schedule. But I like the idea of sharing a bit more of the Montessori things I encounter in my daily life and reading and i like the alliteration of monday so we’ll see.

At this point my involvement at my kids school (serving on the board of directors, being the chair of the PTO, running a photography club and lots of other stuff) is almost as significant to me as my own business. This really has been driven by an intense commitment to Montessori education for my children. The more I learn the more I like it. I have not written a lot about it here because I keep thinking that I need to write a comprehensive post to synthesize what I have learned over the last three years; but I think I am coming around to this blog as more of a working space rather than a final product. And with that I think that I will periodically share some links of interest, thoughts in progress and random stuff that crosses my monitor….

Here you will find a 2007 TED talk from the Sims game designer Will Wright talking about the impact his Montessori education had on his thinking and development as a person and his new game Spore. You can also read about this in an article titled “Maria Montessori: The 138 year old inspiration behind Spore.