kids + ipod = cute

Okay I really don't have much to say here – I have these cute pics of my kids listening to Ben's ipod. He got it for his 5th birthday and in reality it was an old ipod that was laying around because we have iphones and don't use the ipods anymore. Jrh loaded it up with all of the kid music and all sorts of other music we though he should experience and away he went.



Lately he has been wanting to listen to all of the songs in alphabetical order – he gets frustrated that with that many gig of music that he has not gotten out of the A's – he also browses a bit and if he has it hooked up to his headphones (jrh got some great volume limiting ones so that even when nora gets a hold of it she is a lot less likely to blow out her eardrums – she'll have to do that the old fashioned way by going to concerts)




 I don't always know what they are listening to, but I like watching them bop along and I love that even though nora doesn't quite yet get the device she can do enough to make it play and really at two who needs to know the names of the artists anyway!