We colored eggs on Saturday morning – it was clear that Nora was paying close attention last year because she got to the table and started dunking eggs in the dye before anyone even told her what to do. She also intently colored the eggs and generally seemed to really enjoy the process.


jrh created the Easter egg he painstakingly does every year – seriously i think that I am going to have many pictures of this egg over the years – check back in a couple of years and I will dig them all up and we can watch jrh go gray while he does the same egg every year (love ya honey)!


however this was a new innovation for this year photo series


Those little wire dippers are for suckers – show me your hands Nora!


I only did one egg because I was taking pictures and I attempted to try my new Photography logo on an egg – I am a photographer not an artist.

Ben wanted to make sure that he looked like either a smurf or the hulk for the rest of the day (he still doesn't know either character – sorry G we'll get him on the hulk soon enough) and most of it came out in a good before bath soaking – but for a while there we were not so sure.


The next morning we did our third annual Easter egg scavenger hunt – jrh write the clues and Ben hunts. This year Nora chased after Ben and enjoyed the fruits of the found eggs. Sometimes silliness ensued.



This year the hunt made it outside – some of the eggs had gummy worms in them (partially because I didn't go to buy Easter candy until Saturday night and well the store was out – so I made due – side bonus I love gummy worms)



Last year we hosted a big sit down brunch for my entire extended family. It was great. it was the first time that many of them were at our house in Madison. We were able to make a big square table that seated everyone and we cooked a ton of yummy food. This year we thought about doing it again but we don't live in that house anymore and our new house is not so well suited for a large group of people. My mom stepped in and we had a low key Easter potluck in mIlwaukee. We put the sugar laden children in the car and stopped by the coop on the way to get the stuff for our contribution to the potluck – jrh ran in and I took pictures to pass the time.


and then we got to grandma and grandpa's house and the kids got to play with stickers on windows, eat more candy and cake, played with lots of adults and crashed on the way home.



And I didn't have to clean my house…. awesome. Thanks mom. I love hosting a good party, but  I appreciate you hosting easter more than you know.