Happy Birthdays

Just when the holidays are over and we’ve sort of settled back into the routine of daily life January brings us “kid birthday bonanza”. It is a lot of fun to have to have kids born ten days apart (the part I might wish were different is the right after the december holidays part, but oh well). January is a blur of birthday related events for the kids. Classroom celebrations, actual birthday day present opening from mom and dad, friends and family joint celebration at the house and finally a joint kid birthday. Really it seems absolutely crazy but having joint parties and having no gifts at the kid birthday make it seem a bit more reasonable. And who doesn’t like a party or two or three.

And now  I give you highlights from Ben’s 6th and Nora’s 3rd birthday.

Ben at his school celebration. I just love the way our school does birthday celebrations. In addition to the walking the earth around the sun for each year of life and having parents bring in pictures to share stories from the child past years, in Anna’s room the students all take turns saying nice things about the birthday child while they are enjoying their treat and it is so sweet to hear – makes me tear up every year.


For his actual birthday dinner ben decided to go to the Great Dane. We wouldn’t ket him wear his Harry Potter cloak (seen below) but he did wear his glasses to dinner. He proceeded to read “Peter and the star-catchers” through most of his dinner!


In years past I have gotten each child a cake for the family celebration, thinking that it would ease having to share your birthday with your sibling. They didn’t really seem to mind when I suggested that we just get one cake this year – they really don’t seem to mind sharing much of the time.


Nora in her little red riding hood cape made my grandma Cindy (yes the picture should have been in color, but you know it is red, right). It was apparently the year of the cape in birthday present – there has been a fair bit of pretend play going on – lots of spells have been cast on little red.


Nora was a little more shy than I would have expected at her school celeration – I think she was overwhelmed by all of the attention…but she clearly enjoyed it and talked about it for many days afterward and I got to see her do the wiggleworm dance (I need to find the video) – adorable.


The kids had a party at Pump it Up with their classmates and a few other friends. Despite the fact that  a couple of people had to stay home due to illness or conflicts, we had a lot of the class and some siblings and former classmate along to play for a couple of hours. The kids all seemed to have a great time and we all napped well that afternoon.


Now that birthday month is over we can settle in to playing with some of the great games and toys the kids have received over the last several months. Whew!