Welcome friends

Hey everyone – Glad you could make it over here. Take a minute and make sure you change your RSS feed for this blog so we don’t lose touch. This new blog is really more of a facelift rather than an actual overhaul. I really just wanted to ditch typepad and their monthly fee and have something a little slicker with a nce domain (amyj.net) and with bigger photos. Though I may have something interesting to say now and then, an important segment of my readership is here to see pictures of the kids. And for photos, bigger is almost always better. So with that I test out a few new photos of Nora – we were playing saturday morning while jrh and ben were getting their hairs cut.

and here I will try a vertical one

Seems to work. I will get some of the other functions and widgets sorted out in the next week or so. Thanks for stopping by.