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4 things

and here are my four things

Even thought this was not the blog that jrh tagged, this sort of thing is more appropriate here than on the ben stuff blog (and this blog needs some content and attention) so…

4 jobs I’ve had:

  • bakery clerk at V Richard’s – I was here for a long time like 4 years or so part time in HS and College
  • two weeks at Stein garden center – couldn’t stand the fertilizer smell but for the life of me I can’t remember why I quit – obviously had a great impact on my life
  • Brookfield Central debate coach
  • lectured to hostile elders (oh wait, I mean students of the edlerhostle program) about Great Speakers and Speeches

4 places I’ve lived – jrh left this one out so I added it back in (kinda makes up for the fact that I am going to change the next one)

  • Madison, WI
  • Bloomington, IN
  • Burnsville, MN
  • NYC

4 movies I can watch repeatedly: I really can’t answer this – I don’t think that there are any movies that I want to watch repeatedly anymore. Back in the day I used to repeatedly watch  romantic comedies like Mannequin or Pretty Woman but I am not that person anymore and though there may still be a place in my heart for watching a silly romantic comedy – I certainly will not waste the time to do it twice. There are just so many other things that I would rather do. So, on the suggestion of jrh I am changing this heading to

4 movies I never want to see again – this category includes movies that are "great" movies but they are movies that hit me in such a way that I NEVER want to watch them again.

  • In America (maybe someday I will be able to see this again)
  • Requiem for a Dream
  • Monster (actually I didn’t see anything beyond the rape scene that I walked out of the room on never to return to the movie)
  • Harrison’s Flowers

4 TV shows I enjoy (love is too strong):

  • Six Feet Under I love this show with the exception of  season four’s episode "that’s my dog" (#44 for those of you who follow such things closely). I am almost done forgiving them (and also falls under the category of really good things that I will never watch again)
  • The daily show – nothing needs to be said here – funny shit
  • Scrubs Though there are lots of other shows that I will laugh at, this show is as close as I can get to "guaranteed" to make me laugh.
  • Oprah I know it might seem weird and I don’t like or watch the "diet shows or celebrity shows (expect maybe today’s Jon Stewart show) but I really enjoy watching Oprah "discuss topics before a studio audience" (this is what our PVR shows when it doesn’t have the  show data and jrh teases me about it endlessly

4 places I’ve vacationed(taken directly from jrh’s responses – sorry I am pressed for time and it was an easy way to "cheat"):

4 of my favorite dishes:

  • Lombardino’s Eggplant Parm (this is really all about the caramelized onions, but them on anything and I would probably like it too)
  • risotto with sage, Gorgonzola, and tomato (stirred with love by my personal chef)
  • anything in cream sauce (like mom’s chicken and cream not good for you but tasty)
  • anything I have ever eaten at L’Etoile – I am especially fond of a warm mushroom salad I have had several times in fall….. Mmmmmm

4 sites I visit daily:

4 places I’d rather be right now:

  • Italy (on vacation.  soon.)
  • in the attic scrabooking
  • sitting in front of a computer that has all of my files on it (wink, wink, hon!)
  • in a bar with a stiff drink in my hand – long day with sick kid:)

Alright folks that’s it I don’t know four people who blog that I can tag who have not already been tagged so signing off…