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Much Ado about Dinner

For those of you who know my husband, you know that he is a pretty darn awesome cook. Rarely does he bomb in the kitchen – you might not eat until 10:30pm but when you do you will be glad you waited (and to his credit this is getting much better, we have not had dinner after midnight in years). 

So why in the world with this lovely man cooking me dinner all of the time would I even consider lifting my incompetent and inexperienced  hand in the kitchen? ‘cuz it is only fair  (what i mean to say is that this way it is only mostly, not completely unfair to him). After working hard all day, the last thing I am sure he wants to do is come home every day and make dinner. So, I try – once a week usually Wednesday (this week it was Friday because of all of the puking on wed) to cook dinner. I have been trying to do this for months now. Let’s just say that I am not averaging even once every other week. I am not proud. I think about it, really I do. You must believe me. I think about it so much that it is probably (josh would say certainly) my undoing.

I read and read and read – looking for things that I think that I can cook. I download recipes. I get books from the library. I buy cookbooks. I read our cooking magazines. I sift through all of this info and I pick recipes. And sometimes I even cook them. Tonight was one of those nights.

So I picked up Rachael Ray’s 30 minute meals 2 cookbook I selected our meal. It included:

Marinated Chicken with Gravy
Cheesy Orzo
Balsamic Glazed Carrots

I know that it will take me longer than 30 minutes because almost every recipe I have ever encountered takes me twice as long as expected. I am slow in the kitchen. My knife skills are pitiful and I double check and freak out about everything. Ask me to clean or put away something in the kitchen and I have no problems but the minute I am cooking I feel like I am in a foreign land without a map. Knowing this, I prepare the marinade and do all of the chopping ahead of time. RR suggests using store bought baby carrots, but we have lots of carrots from our CSA so I had to peel and chop a bunch of carrots. I spent and hour in the kitchen this afternoon. When it comes time to make the dinner I figure that I can get it all done in 30 min. because I have all of the prep finished. Nope. 45 min. I am feeling like this meal better be pretty good for all of the time I have invested in it….

Now here is where you expect me to say that it was awful and describe in detail all of the ways I messed it up – there must be a funny redeeming point to all of this writing – for all of the time you readers (all two of you) have spent reading this post. Nope. The meal was fine. Perfectly okay. It was edible. The orzo was cold because it was done too soon. The carrots were a bit too intensely flavored I think because I used our really good balsamic and the chicken and gravy was totally acceptable.

An hour and 45 minutes for "fine"
Five minutes wasted on a blog post with no point
Now you know how I feel 🙂