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Good things

In sharp contrast to my ho-hum, yesterday today was a happy day. Don’t you just love it when things line up and all happen in one day…

1. Despite the fact that I woke up early feeling like crap – I got to lazily lay in bed this morning while Ben played by himself in his room for a while. the kid allowed us to hit snooze.

2. Even though the restaurant we were trying to go to wasn’t open for lunch, we (jrh, Ben and gma Cindy and gpa Andy) ended up eating yummy pizza at Roman Candle

Sew3. I made curtains! Because I don’t sew, I got my mom to help me with the tiny sewing machine I found my my grandmother’s closet. Not only did my mom get me started, her presence distracted Ben so completely that he didn’t even notice that I was starting and finishing a project. Woo-Hoo grandma!  Now don’t go thinking that I am now a seamstress, these are just curtains to keep people from seeing into our basement. But I did them and they are done – yea!

4. I have not written about my recent computer woes, but the short story is: my windows box died at the beginning of Dec. I wanted to switch to a Mac, waited for the new Intel announcements, waited more while I mulled over options, decided to just try jrh’s G4 imac, frustratedly played with it and tried to figure out how to make it fit my needs, generally bitched at jrh all the time about my computer woes, stopped taking, sharing or dealing with pictures because I was overwhelmed,  and generally got myself into quite the funk over the whole thing. Well, yesterday my dad goes to the apple store and buys a new MacBook Pro.  And today, my dad’s not so very old G5 came to live in Madison. I am a very lucky girl.

5. And here is the icing….jrh decided that I might really like it if I had two screens – say yeah baby for screen real estate! I can’t wait to tackle the backlog of image editing now. It is still going to take a while til this new machine feel like home (calibrated, software installed, old files integrated etc) but oh baby, the two screens and a fast computer has made all of this waiting worth while. What a happy day!