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Today was almost, a most excellent day…

1. Ben and I slept in today – we didn’t get up until 8am!

2. There was lots of snow stuck to all of the trees – winter can be so beautiful – and it was warm enough that even shoveling the drive was a pleasant experience While we were outside Ben learned how to make snowballs (though he likes to take his mittens off to do it and then complains of the cold – I am sure the feedback loop will work soon enough)

3. I finished Middlesex. I feel like I am the last person I know to read this book, but for what it is worth I thought it was great. Great story, told well.  I have been reading it for the past week or so – I am always a little sad when I finish a fiction book – it takes me a little while to adjust to the fact that the characters are not going to be an immediate part of my life …. but on the other hand I now get to spend some quality time with Brain Child which has been sitting on by bedside table waiting me.

4. Tacos – Tex Tubb’s Taco Palace (the restaurant that was not open for lunch on sat) was the destination for our yummy dinner today. I had a great blackened tiliapa taco and a pretty darn good smoked pork taco. The place was packed at 5:30 on a Monday and people will still streaming in when we left. Mmmm tacos.

5. This past weekend Ben learned the meaning of almost – – "your food is almost ready" or  "we are almost to aunt colleen’s house" It is a very useful work for a toddler…I am grateful.

and with that i conclude my almost excellent day – only almost because I am sick – or should I just say "almost healthy"