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What a big boy!

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Big changes in Ben’s life – he is now out of his "cage" (what we called his crib) and sleeping pretty well in his big boy bed. And today, he started preschool. He didn’t want to pose for pictures as he was excited to get into the building. Unfortunately, right after he took the step you see in the picture he tripped and fell and hit his head on the cement. He was pretty upset for a minute, but then I said "how about we go to the classroom?" He asked to stop by the fountain for a drink and then marched his way into the class.

All of the kids seemed a bit apprehensive during circle time, but we sang our welcome song, got name tags hung for attendance and then Ben was happily off playing with some trucks. After about ten minutes (after a few other parents left first) I walked up to him and told him it was time for me to go. He gave me a kiss and a hug. I said "see ya later" and he said "see ya later" and that was that…. still lots of parents and clinging kids in the room,  but I didn’t want to draw it out if Ben didn’t have a problem with it. So I came home went to the dump and to borders. I think I can put this couple of hours to good use! I thought maybe I would be worried or upset, but he seemed so chill that it seemed silly to be overly emotional.

When I returned to pick him up he seemed happy to see me but not desperate and he told me that he was "so proud of you" which is his self-congratulating way of praising his pronoun-impaired self. He told me about playing with kids, eating a snack, singing songs.. He chatted the whole walk home and then while we ate lunch he had a great actual conversation with josh on the phone. After what at moments this past weekend was a very angst-filled crabby willful toddler, today was very much like being with a little boy – oops, I mean "big boy"