First and second day of school

Today was the first dayboth kids were in school – the first day for returning kids was yesterday. Nora was very excited and Ben seemed thrilled to be taking his sister into his class.

Here are some pictures from this morning


Nora requested pigtails this morning (they were not in at hte end of the day!)


No big girl gets on the school bus pics for my kids so we have gets in the dad bus – a big wave goodbye and theywere off to school for the day.


Nora had a great day. She is learning how to receive lessons and was very excited about everything. I am so glad that her brother and our best friends child are in the classrooms with her – I am sure that makes the transition easier for her. But honestly she seems really ready and I am so happy for her. She played with her lunch box for two hours after school – setting up and pretending to eat lunch the way they did in class. She told me today that she was a "super big girl" Yes Nora you are!