Ben’s Easter

After dying eggs on Saturday night, Ben woke Sunday morning to find an egg that revealed clues to the location of his Easter basket. This was what jrh did as a kid to find his easter basket. We were not 100% sure ben would get into it but we decided to try it. To sweeten the deal (and also because he had no idea what a Easter basket was) we included some small candies and toys in the eggs with the clues. We had the clues lead him through our mornings activities like eating breakfast and getting ready to go to grandma and grandpa’s house. As we were putting the clues together, we decided to play the game through the drive to Milwaukee and he found his basket at my parents house. The whole thing worked even better than jrh and I thought it would. Ben had a great time following his clues. Probably the hardest part for him was unfolding the paper that the clues were on! Here are a few pics of Ben on the hunt.


Mostly because I want to remember, (but in case you are interested feel free to read) I wrote out the locations and clues in ben’s egg hunt.

1. Found in ‘his nest’ – he has been playing chicken in our bed with our bedding in the mornings "Happy Easter Ben ! There are eggs with treats hiding around the house. Follow the clues to find them. Clue: Look in the laundry basket for the next egg!"

2. In the laundry basket in our bedroom – "Good Egg Hunting! The next Egg is hiding in the TV Room where Mo the cat sleeps"

3. On the cat’s spot on the bookshelf –  "You found it! Look where Nora gets clean to find the next egg"

4. In the bathrub " Well Done! Now the clues get harder… the next egg is hear the music of Frederic Chopin"

5. By Ben’s computer (where he listens to this music) " Great Finding! The next egg is hidden among your pretend wooden eggs"

6. In an egg carton in his play fridge "We’re all getting hungry. Let’s have oatmeal! Go get a packet of Apple Cinnamon and see what else you find"

7. In the box of oatmeal "The next egg will appear after we’re done eating breakfast"

8. After finishing (well sort of) breakfast "Look where your toy cars park to find the next egg"

9. In the play parking garage "Soon it’s time to go to Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Andy’s house. We’ll find the next egg as you get dressed"

10. In his sock drawer "Ok, it’s time to go. What do you need to put on before we go outside?"

11. In his coat pocket – " To get the next egg, spot 3 red cars as we drive east"

12. Found on the highway before we even made it past Lake Mills "Find a sign that says ‘Culvers’ to get the next egg"

12. Found on a freeway exit sign by johnson creek – "Ok, almost done! The next egg is where grandma cindy washes her clothes"

13. In my parents laundry room –  "Good job! Your last surprise is near where grandpa Andy sits to watch TV. Hint: This one is bigger than an egg"