Super Cute

Ahhhh – given the title I bet you were expecting some adorable picture. Sorry the camera has been shelved for the last week or so (potty training in progress, means distracted mama and less than stellar photo-ops). However, I can tell you about adorable clothes that I found and had delivered this past week. I am so excited about them and I have to wait to see them on a little body because I bought them all in bigger sizes because Nora already has a lot of clothes for the current season and these clothes will look cuter on a walking child. So I can just channel my excitement by talking about them.


These are clothes from  tea I first saw the brand last summer when we were on vacation in Michigan. I love the clothes because they make boy clothes that are all sports and they have great colors. Their girl clothes are great too – a bit pricey but adorable. Well, now they have a collection called  daily tea. I am in love. The picture here is just one of a bunch of combos of style and colors they have available. Lots of cute coordinating patterns, mix and match – reminds me a bit of more stylish versions of the Zutano basics – not to knock them because I think they are awesome – but some of the prints are a bit too babyish for my tastes – I know it might seem lame to get excited about clothes, but have you been shopping for baby clothes lately 🙂 I am not a fan of 85% of clothes available for children. I do know that there are many more important things going on in the world. But, I will take a happy diversion now and again, when I can get it!