wall decor

For some people decorating their walls is no big deal – find stuff you like and put it up. For others it seems like an overwhelming task of monumental importance and as a result there is nothing purchased or made for the walls and or even if it is procured the walls still sit undecorated for fear of misplacing something. I am firmly in the latter category, so is jrh. We do have things on many walls. But we also have some blank or underdecorated walls. If I had my way I would probably just throw photos everywhere, but this doesn’t satisfy jrh in the same way (and 90% of our wall decor is already photography) so I totally get why we need to seek out alternatives. it is just hard – and when we do see thigns we like – it is just oo expensive.

A while back I rearranged our bedroom and in doing so highlighted the fact that our bedroom walls were naked. Naked in the bedroom might be good in many cases, but not this one. In my random surfing I came across wall decals from Blik. To my surprise jrh and I quickly agreed on a design, they arrived and we (actually jrh, I watched) installed them quickly and easily. Our bedroom is still not the finished room I want it to be (what room is with a changing table and pack and play in it) but we  now have things on the walls.

Since then I have encountered lots of different versions of this type of wall decor. In case you happen to be need of some wall decor here are some samples I think are neat.

Also by blik – the monkeys, the ABCs, and spheres

beearo – these are neat wood looking ones

acte deco

sticky ups

wall candy

pop cling

ugly home

domestic Vynil Surfaces